2020 US Government Stimulus Payment

Dear valued member,

Today, First Class American Credit Union started receiving the US Government Stimulus payments for our members. First Class American has deposited those funds into the members accounts that we have received.

You can check your account through online banking or our mobile app to see if you have received your stimulus payment.

If you did not receive your stimulus payment you can go to the IRS website, sa.www4.irs.gov/irfof-wmsp/login, and check the status of your stimulus payment.

There are some circumstances that would require First Class American Credit Union to return the US Government Stimulus payments back to the IRS. These Reasons are as follows.

  • Account Closed
  • No Account Found
  • Name(s) or SS number(s) do not match
  • Primary Deceased (No Joint Owner)
  • Joint Deceased and is only name listed on deposit

You can find out more information about the US Government Stimulus payment at the following link www.irs.gov/coronavirus-tax-relief-and-economic-impact-payments

Thank you,
First Class American Credit Union

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