Why Get a Loan at our Fort Worth Credit Union?

Articles, News | April 6, 2012

If you live in Fort Worth and are looking to get a loan, there are plenty of good reasons why First Class American Credit Union is your best option! We offer many different types of loans, including auto loans, share secured loans, personal loans, loans for recreation, and much more! Each of these comes with the following benefits we’ve listed below.

FCACU Loan Advantages

      • Fast answers on loan applications.

        We know how important loans are for our members, so we work hard to process your loan application as quickly as possible. For those members shopping for a car, boat or recreational vehicle we also offer pre-approved loans that can have you driving off the lot the same day.

      • Lower payments and total costs.

        Even though our rates are usually lower than other sources of financing, rates alone don’t always tell you the whole story. We offer flexible repayment schedules designed to fit your budget and payment options that can actually reduce the interest you pay over the life of the loan.

      • Optional Credit Life and Disability Insurance is available at rates much lower than most other lenders charge.

        The protection it provides your family is well worth the low cost. The credit union also offers Mechanical Breakdown Protection at affordable rates and GAP, which covers the “gap” between what your owe on your vehicle and what insurance would cover if something happened to your vehicle.

      • Simple interest.

        No “up front” interest is charged. Your loan is calculated using simple interest method which means you pay interest only on the unpaid balance of your loan.

      • No prepayment penalties.

        Unlike some lenders, we never charge a prepayment penalty. If you choose to repay your loan ahead of schedule you’ll actually save money.

      • Payment by payroll deduction or automatic transfer.

        This is the easiest way to make your loan payment. Your payments are made automatically and on time. Once you authorize payroll deduction or an automatic transfer from your checking account you won’t have to worry about writing a check each month, it’s easy.

Become a Member at First Class American Credit Union!

Enjoy the privilege of being a member at our Fort Worth credit union. We work hard to help you choose the best loan option for your financial goals. We’re here to assist you, not take advantage of your situation, so don’t hesitate to become a member of FCACU and start taking advantage of our services today!

Become a Member!

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