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First Class American Credit Union is your Fort Worth bank.

Credit unions are owned and controlled by their members. All members can vote to elect a Board of Directors who best represent their interests and values while being secure in knowing that any profit is returned to the members through higher savings rates, lower loan rates and more free services. Instead of being driven by profit and charging fees left and right, we are focused on creating the ultimate banking experience for our members.

Benefits of Being a Member of First Class American Credit Union

Since 1929, FCACU has been providing you with:

  • Share of ownership at your credit union, beginning the moment you open an account with us.
  • One of the highest member benefits at over $250/household (3rd out of 5,013 credit unions).
  • Fee free cash withdrawals from the largest ATM network in the nation.
  • Priority on personal relationships with our members. We’re just people helping people.
  • Creative solutions to member problems.

We’ve Got Years of Experience Serving Fort Worth

FCACU was the first credit union in Tarrant County, and the sixth credit union in the state of Texas. We’ve got years of experience providing Fort Worth with the best membership benefits – we know what our community needs and we’re more than happy to help them reach their objectives. At the end of the day, we go home happy having helped our members establish budgets, make important financial decision, and gain financial security.

If you’d like to experience the friendly yet professional services that accompany banking with FCACU, become a member today!

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