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There are plenty of banking establishments in Fort Worth, but First Class American Credit Union’s attention to our members and our care for their financial goals is what makes us the best credit union to join in Fort Worth. Our members are our partners, and we are committed to being the trusted financial resource to help them establish and maintain all their financial needs regardless of income or background.

It takes dedication and perseverance to maintain the high standards we’ve upheld at FCACU, and we’re able to do so because of the strong foundation that was established from our beginning.

The History of the Best Credit Union in Fort Worth

In 1929, nine individuals came together and made a commitment to form a credit union for members, by members and with members best interest in mind.

Samuel Smith, E.B. Ramfield, W.L. Scott, J.F. Tabor, Arch Willhelm, C.E. Foster, W. C. Lipford, W. R. Turner, Bernard Miller were the nine who founded Fort Worth Postal Credit Union. It was October 26, 1929, that Fort Worth Postal Credit Union was chartered.

Three days after the chartering documents were signed, what’s known as the worst day in stock market history occurred; Black Tuesday on October 29, 1929. Black Tuesday is historically remembered as the day the Roaring Twenties ended and The Great Depression began.

While many financial institutions were closing, Fort Worth Postal Credit Union began and continued in operation through The Great Depression.

In September 1992, Fort Worth Postal Credit Union changed its name to First Class American Credit Union to reflect its expanded geographic membership area. This new name included postal workers and their families, in addition to other individuals within a specified range in Tarrant County. At the time of the name change, First Class American Credit Union had grown from the first founding nine members to approximately 6,900 members.

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First Class American Credit Union has been faithfully providing the Fort Worth community with outstanding banking services. If you’ve been considering using a credit union for your financial needs, or even if you’re only just learning about us, rest assured that we’re the best banking establishment in Fort Worth. Become a member and experience first-hand the excellence that is inherent within FCACU!

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