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Youth Corner

We want to help the youth of today reach financial security and success, so we’ve included some of our favorite resources for our younger credit union members below:

Youth Resources from Your Fort Worth Credit Union



When should I start saving? How do I buy my first car? What’s an interest rate?…If this sounds like you then Claim Your Youth and First Class American Credit Union have you covered. CYY walks alongside teens empowering us to change the Financial Credit Union CULTURE.


Designed for children up to 12 years of age, our Kirby Kangaroo Kids Club helps kids learn how to save money while having fun at the same time! Our goal is to help educate children to establish savings habits that they will carry with them into their future. First Class American Credit Union members 5-12 years old are automatically part of the Club!

  • Earn one Kirby Buck for every $5 deposit
  • Trade in Kirby Bucks for prizes
  • Special access to the Kirby Kangaroo website filled with fun stories, jokes and games


Lil’ Kirby Roo is here to help families plan for their kids’ financial future. Here you will find articles, news, and credit union programs that can help your family make wise decisions in those first few very pivotal years.

These resources are only the beginning. Check back regularly to see what other resources we’ll be offering our younger members (and non-members). If you have any questions about the youth accounts we provide, feel free to contact us.

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