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Since three days before the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929, First Class American Credit Union (formerly the Fort Worth Postal Credit Union) has been providing the best financial services that a credit union can offer, working tirelessly to meet the needs of our members. We offer the Fort Worth community all the services that a bank does, but with better rates and personalized assistance. What is the difference between FCACU and other Fort Worth Banks? The difference is that we are committed to our members, not to shareholders. We work for you.

Financial Services at Our Credit Union

Check out some of the best services our credit union offers our members:


First Class American Credit Union credit services include great rates and terms on our loans, as well as other features including: Quick Loan Application Processing, Pre-Approval on Loans for Cars, Boats, & Recreational Vehicles, No Prepayment Penalty, and more.

Checking and Savings

Opening a checking or savings account at FCACU allows members to become eligible for many excellent and useful services, including: Direct Deposit of payroll and Social Security Checks, Overdraft Protection, Free Online Banking, and more.

Investments and Insurance

We take the time to sit down with you, assess your situation, and develop a customized investment plan or insurance policy that fits your needs. Our investment and insurance services include: Money Market Accounts, IRA Accounts, Protections Plans and more.


We offer many different debit and credit card options with special features including: NO Annual Fee, Low Fixed Rates, Cash Back Rewards on Purchases, 25 Day Grace Period, Low Minimum Payments, and more.

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First Class American Credit Union is in business to offer the best quality credit union services for our members. The partnership between FCACU and members ensures growth and success. Best of all, finding a financial services credit union that cares about its members makes joining FCACU a smart move. Become a member today. Together we will work for a brighter future.

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