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A Travel Experience that is Second to None

First Class American Credit Union wants you to have a great trip and we offer products that make your travel experience easier. When you are on the road and you want a safe and convenient way to make purchases, you need to look into one of the outstanding debit cards for traveling that our credit union has for our members. Our knowledgeable and experienced agents are familiar with the best cards for travel and they can recommend a card that will be perfectly suited for your needs. Whether you are going on business to Hong Kong or you are taking a vacation to Disneyland, a travel card will help you get there.

The Benefits of International Debit Cards

When you are in a foreign country on work or vacation, it is important to have access to cash when you need it. First Class American Credit Union is proud to offer our members with international debit cards and we give you the following benefits when you are outside the United States:

  • Ability to pay at merchants who do not accept credit cards
  • Avoidance of costly foreign transaction fees charged by many credit cards
  • Automatic currency conversion for your convenience
  • Cash on hand that will not make you a target for criminals
  • The ability to add funds to your card should your trip be more fun than planned

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