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There’s nothing a big bank offers that we can’t, and we’ll do it at a much lower price!

Checking and savings accounts are the norm in the American family budget. A common misconception is that Credit Unions are limited in what they can offer, especially when compared to nationwide banking brands. In actual fact, there’s nothing a big bank offers that we can’t do, at a much lower price. We have more convenient access to ATMs than BofA and Chase combined. In addition to that, we offer the local, homegrown service and small-town feel that will ensure you are always treated like a VIP. We don’t have a 1-800 number, and you won’t spend hours on hold.

We’re an Improvement on the Traditional Bank

At FCACU, we offer checking and savings accounts that are unlike the accounts at traditional banks. Because we are a credit union, we are not bound by shareholders or profit margins. We simply invest wisely and pass those profits on to you in the way of savings and dividends.

Checking Accounts from FCACU

With our checking accounts, we ensure that every member is not saddled with ridiculous fees and annoying minimum balances. We simply offer great member service and a convenient place to store your money.


Savings Accounts from FCACU

Our savings accounts are backed by annual dividends that amongst the highest in the industry. While a bank is paying its shareholders before it pays your dividends, we are paying you upfront and not dealing with shareholders at all.

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We want to help you build a family budget, grow wealth in your accounts, and keep your family comfortable with our convenient and member-friendly accounts. Become a member of First Class American Credit Union and experience the benefits of being a part of our credit union and taking charge of your finances!

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