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Checking Accounts

Easily pay bills, keep track of your spending, have easy access to your funds, and more.

United Texas Credit Union’s checking account allows you to easily pay bills, keep track of your spending, have easy access to your funds, and much more. Here at United Texas Credit Union, we pride ourselves on working together with our members to set up the perfect checking account for their needs.

Why Open a Checking Account with United Texas CU?

While we offer all the same financial services of a bank, as a credit union our focus has always been on our members. It is our priority to serve our members and ensure that they are pleased with our products and our service. Joining our credit union makes you part of the United Texas family. Members who have their checking account with us rave about their ease of use, convenience and high quality services.

Different Types of Checking Accounts at United Texas CU

First Class Checking:

IDProtect®, Debit Advantage™, Cell Phone Protection, $hopping Rewards™, Family Health Discounts and more!

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Pay It Forward Checking:

Ready to start saving your money? Now you can with a Pay It Forward Checking Account!

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CU Succeed Teen Checking (members 13-17):

Ready to start managing your own money? Now you can with a CU Succeed Teen Checking Account!

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Fresh Start Checking:

If you have impaired checking account history, Fresh Start Checking is the account for you. All that is required to open a Fresh Start Checking Account is a $25.00 deposit and direct deposit!

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Opening a Checking Account with United Texas CU

Opening a checking account with United Texas Credit Union is a simple process! We even offer accounts tailored to the teenage set and for those who have impaired checking history. When you come in to open a checking account, bring your identification and the initial deposit that you would like to make and we’ll help you from there. If you currently have a checking account at another financial institution, we can help you switch that account over in just a few simple steps.

Opening a United Texas Credit Union checking account couldn’t be easier with our friendly staff. If you’d like to learn more about the checking accounts that we offer, contact us! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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