Our Investment Strategies Are Tailored to Your Needs

A Sound Investment Strategy

First Class American Credit Union understands that investing in a volatile market can be frightening, and we do our best to ensure that you are familiar with each and every option that is available to you. As a member of FCACU, you will have access to excellent investment opportunities, as we’re a full brokerage.

We can do everything that a brokerage does, while providing more personal attention to each member’s unique situation.

Whether you are planning for retirement or looking to expand your investment portfolio, First Class American Credit Union’s team of dedicated employees can meet your needs. We’re here to help everyone – rich and poor, young and old, we’ll help you regardless of your needs. At FCACU, all of our members have access to sound investment counsel and opportunity!

Our Investment Strategies Are Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that not every investor has the same timeline or the same tolerance of risk. For that reason, we customize each and every investment plan that we create for a credit union member. Here are a few of the following ways that we can diversify your portfolio, and help you meet all of our your financial needs:

  • Stocks in companies that are proven performers
  • Mutual funds in the most trusted sectors
  • Bonds for the conservative investor
  • CDs for a shield against inflation

Smart Investments that Stand the Test of Time

First Class American Credit Union is one of the nation’s leading credit unions, and we love to give back to our members. In 2013, we ranked third in the nation by offering $257 of benefits per member. We will always give you our best effort, and we have a caring staff who can take care of all of your needs. If you are interested in building wealth and you do not know where to begin, turn to us and we will be there for you along your journey.

Let FCACU Help with Your Investment Strategy!

If you are new to investing or you want to increase your portfolio’s performance, First Class American Credit Union has the talented staff to help you meet all of your financial objectives. We look forward to working with you and making your money work for you – become a member today!

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