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Financial Planning

At First Class American Credit Union, we want to help our Fort Worth community grow and make great decisions regarding their finances. We are more than a bank, we are a credit union that takes the time to focus on each of our members and help them meet their financial goals. We help individuals with their budget, financial choices, and even provide financial counseling. This way members can ensure that their money is going where it’s suppose to be, and they benefit no matter what with the help of our personal financial adviser.

Free Financial Planning Services with First Class American Credit Union

First Class American Credit Union is available to help all of our members, regardless of their financial experience or budget size. From setting up your first checking account, to investing, to planning your retirement, FCACU is ready to help you. We’ll take the time to get to know you personally and become familiar with your situation and goals, so that we can help you create a customized financial plan that helps you plan for a successful future.



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You can schedule an appointment at anytime that is convenient for your schedule. Contact FCACU to set up a financial planning appointment today!

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