Extended Service Contracts

We offer the best Extended Service Contracts in Fort Worth!

When a person walks through First Class American Credit Union’s door, we regard them as a valued member. When a person walks through a bank’s door, they’re regarded as an opportunity to wring out profits. As a credit union, we answer to our members, while banks have to answer to shareholders and this allows us to provide services that are solely for benefitting our Fort Worth members.

We offer the best Extended Service Contracts in Fort Worth!

For that reason, we’ve included within our services extended service contracts so our members can enjoy vehicle breakdown protection through an extended auto warranty.

Why an Automobile Extended Warranty?

Auto dealers try to sell you an extended auto warranty in the showroom, too. But our credit union runs rings around what the dealers can do! We offer the security of an automobile extended warranty at a much lower cost and a higher level of service, not to mention that it comes from the source you know and trust.

Features of our extended auto warranty include:

  • Protection beyond the manufacturer’s warranty – especially helpful for used cars or those you plan to drive more than three years.
  • Honored at any licensed repair shop.
  • Roadside assistance 24/7/365.
  • Can be transferred to a new owner, or cancelled for a prorated refund.
  • Plus many more!

Why First Class American Credit Union?

When the time comes for that new car, we give you the financing, tools and confidence to walk in to the dealer with the details already taken care of. Plus, with the advantage of an auto extended warranty including vehicle breakdown protection, you will be all smiles knowing you and your passengers will enjoy that new car for years to come.

For financing, vehicle protection, sound advice and the personal touch of neighbor helping neighbor, we are First Class all the way! Contact us today to start your new car on its way.

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Protect your auto investment with GAP. GAP protects against financial loss in the event that your vehicle is damaged beyond repair (totaled) or stolen and never recovered. As your car’s value declines over the years as a result of depreciation, your loan balance can be significantly higher. If your car were stolen or totaled you’d be liable to pay the difference between your insurance company settlement and the outstanding loan balance. GAP covers the deficiency balance and will even cover your insurance company deductible, up to $1,000. Call or visit the credit union for further details on First Class American Credit Union’s GUARANTEED AUTO PROTECTION programs available on new & used vehicles. Check it out today!


Affordable protection against the high cost of repairs–extends coverage past most factory warranties to provide valuable benefits in every major assembly of your vehicle! That’s not all — MRC offers extra benefits even during the factory warranty period — benefits such as vehicle rental, towing service, trip interruption, manufacturer’s deductible, no limits on claims, and the coverage is transferable when you sell your vehicle. Call or visit the credit union for full details on First Class American Credit Union’s MECHANICAL REPAIR COVERAGE — coverage programs available on new & used vehicles. Check it out today!

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