We offer a variety of services at our credit union that will help every member reach their goals with the least amount of resistance.

The services at First Class American Credit Union are designed to serve the needs of the community by providing exceptional credit union services and helping every member meet their financial goals. We offer a variety of services at our credit union that will help every member reach their goals with the least amount of resistance.

First Class American Credit Union Services


Whether it’s your mortgage payment or loan repayment, we can help you determine how much you’ll owe on your mortgage payments or loan repayments.

1st Pay Online (External Transfers)

1st Pay Online is an easy way to transfer money from an account at another institution to your Share Savings Account, Share Draft Account, or to make your FCACU Loan Payment.


If you’re eco-friendly and you’re fed up with storing paper documents, receive only e-Statements. Save the trees, and save the environment.

Money Orders

Sometimes a check just won’t do. When that’s not good enough, we have Money Orders at our credit union service center.

Night Deposit

If you work odd hours, you’ll need access to night deposits. Our credit union service center offers this convenience to both individual and business members.

Remote Deposit

Technology has made significant strides in credit union services. Simply take a picture of your check. The bank will read the pertinent information and deposit the amount into your account.

Shared Branching

Shared branching gives members from all over the world to access multiple branches for transactions.

Safe Deposit Boxes 

Safe deposit boxes are available for valuables that members may want to protect. The prices are affordable to help members keep their valuables protected.

Wires and Electronic Transfers

Sometimes we cannot always plan for everything. When this occurs, wires and electronic transfers may be the selection.

Mobile 1st Banking

Mobile banking provides access to your account information 24 hours per day and seven days per week from any mobile device.

Online Banking Account Access

Online banking account access is another convenience that members often take for granted. Our services credit union includes access for all members.

Why You Want to Bank With Our Credit Union!

Our credit union has excellent ratings and reviews because we offer so many services that will help our members accomplish their goals. Our members love our services. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the comprehensive array of financial services we offer, contact us. We’ll help you get started and you’ll discover why FCACU is one of the best credit unions in the region!

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