E-Alerts Loan Application


E-alerts are email or text messages sent to you to notify you of certain transactions. You can customize the alerts you would like to receive. For example, you can set an e-alert to send you a message each time your account balance drops below $100. This is a great way to help minimize over-drafts and keep you from incurring fees.

Sign up for E-alerts using FCACU’s 1st Branch online banking or Mobile 1st Banking.

It’s easy to do:

  1. Sign in to 1st Branch (online banking).
  2. Click on Services and select Manage E-Alerts

Under User Profile select MANAGE E-mails, add your email and select E-alert.  Under Services select, Manage E-Alerts, add an E-alert for “withdrawal equal to $30.00” and submit.

For Mobile 1st mobile banking, the process is the same, except if you have not previously activated Mobile 1st you must go to User Profile and select Device Activation and follow the instructions to activate your mobile phone.

Once you have activated E-alerts for e-mail, and/or E-alerts for Mobile 1st banking you will be sent a text message each time your e-alert criteria has been met.


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