Money Orders

Here at First Class American Credit Union in Fort Worth, Texas, we feel strongly that an educated member is more able to handle their finances in a responsible and advantageous way.

How Do Money Orders Work?

Money Orders are a financial document that works much like a check, but without the risk of an accidental “bounce”. You purchase the order in the amount you would like to pay, fill out the recipient information and your information, and the recipient is paid by the financial institution from which the Money Order is drawn.

Why Would I Use a Money Order Instead of a Check?

Using a Money Order keeps your financial information secure and private. On a personal check, your routing and account numbers are printed along the bottom. This information can be sensitive in the wrong hands. With a Money Order, your private information is kept private. Additionally, they are accepted by many vendors who refuse personal checks, because they come from reputable financial institutions that are widely considered ‘guaranteed’ funds.

Do Money Orders Expire?

Money Orders through FCACU expire in 90 days.

Getting a Money Order at FCACU

Members may purchase Money Orders in the lobby for a small fee, and they are not sold through the drive-thru.

If you are interested in more information on our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to take your questions and help you accomplish your goals!

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