To best serve you at our busiest times, effective February 1, 2022, the Medical Center, Braun, and Golden Triangle Branches will be closed on Saturdays. The Headquarters and Polaris locations will remain open for drive-through service on Saturdays from 8:30 am – 1 pm.

Online Banking & Bill Payments With iPay

Our services have evolved to accommodate the dynamic world of banking and technology.

Here at United Texas Credit Union, we are focused on providing the best services to our members, which includes Online Banking.

Tour our Online Banking (Mobicint)

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Online Banking (Mobi¢int)!

Benefits of Online Banking at United Texas Credit Union

Online banking at United Texas Credit Union allows members to access previous account statements through our website and export other personal financial information to programs such as Quicken. Electronic statements also eliminate the need to print and mail paper statements. Statements that are posted online help save trees and contribute to a better environment, something that United Texas Credit Union deeply cares about. Banking online with us also includes the option of making seamless transfers between checking and savings accounts. Our members can also apply for loans online and view cleared checks from months ago. The bottom line is that members who choose to bank online enjoy efficient personal financial management with a few clicks of a mouse from the safety of a computer.

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Innovative Online Bill Payments With iPay

Click here for a Demo of Bill Payments with iPay! Our innovative online banking solutions also include an iPay feature, which requires a checking account with our credit union. With iPay, our members can pay their bills online without having to send out multiple payments to different companies by mail. In fact, iPay helps reduce the risk of identity theft by discouraging our credit union members from sending out checks loaded with personal information that can get into the wrong hands.

For convenient and supportive financial services, choose United Texas Credit Union for your banking needs.

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