Safe Deposit Boxes

Having safety deposit boxes available for our members is yet another helpful feature worth including in our services

First Class Safety Deposit Services Available At FCACU

There was a time that a bank just was not considered a bank if they didn’t have a safe deposit box. Today, this convenient product feature has almost totally disappeared from financial institutions. However, we at First Class American Credit Union simply believe that having safety deposit boxes available for our members is yet another helpful feature worth including in our services. If you’ve never considered using a safe deposit box before, you might not be aware of all the useful applications for this security feature. Let us enlighten you!

Just What Is A Safety Deposit Box?

Made of indestructible steel, safety deposit boxes, or containers, come in two sizes at FCACU:

3X5 inches………$15.00 3X10 inches…….$30.00

Usually rectangular in shape, they hold up under most any kind of stress condition: fire, theft and/or flooding.

The Purpose of Safety Deposit Boxes

Being the premier Credit Union in Tarrant County, we at FCACU are well aware that our many members have individual needs; as such, a secured safe deposit box can fulfill many different needs for our members. Typically, they are used to store valuable personal items such as:

  • Jewelry, precious metals, currency and stocks/bonds
  • Important documents such as wills, passports, deeds, and birth certificates
  • Even computer-related data that needs protection from theft, fire or flood

At all times at FCACU, top level security and accessibility is our prime concern for our members, so whatever you place within your safety deposit box will be locked and protected, held safely until you return.

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We are here to serve the Fort Worth Community by helping them grow and secure their finances with premiere banking services. For truly First Class service, become a member of FCACU and you’ll start experiencing the benefits that come with banking at a credit union. We’re ready to welcome you with a friendly smile and outstanding service!

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