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Credit Union Shared Branching: In-person service at thousands of locations nationwide.

If you’ve heard that credit union membership means problems getting service outside your local area, think again. First Class American Credit Union is a shared branch credit union. Shared branching lets members of participating credit unions walk in for personal service at over 5,000 credit union branches or credit union service center sites across the country. It’s like taking a piece of home with you.

What Can I Do at a Shared Branch Credit Union?

At the out-of-town credit union or credit union service center, you can conduct financial business as if you were visiting First Class American Credit Union. Have your account and name of credit union ready and show valid identification, such as a driver’s license. Then you can

  • deposit, transfer or withdraw funds, 
  • make a loan payment,
  • buy Money Orders and travelers checks,
  • and much more!
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Where can I find a Shared Branch or Credit Union Service Center?

Whether you need personal service from a friendly face or just need to grab or deposit cash quickly, we’ve got you covered! We’ve got a database of all the Shared Branch credit unions and Shared Branch ATMs:

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Shared branching is one more reason to join First Class American Credit Union, where we live up to our name by providing the best banking services in Fort Worth. Along with winning the Member Benefit Award from the Credit Union National Association, we rank 3rd among 5,013 credit unions for greatest member benefit in dollars. The secret to our success is simple. People helping people — that’s our approach.

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